Director / Producer 2010
Collaborator/ Deborah Schnitzer
Experimental Narrative / Colour / HD / 6m 13s

The film traces the anguish a middle-aged woman endures as she contemplates a decision on a summer day that might end her own life and that of her husband who suffers a long term and incurable illness.



  • 2nd Canada Film Week at the Goethe Institute, Ghana, Africa, March 2011
  • CBC Short Shots Broadcast, Manitoba, August 2011
  • Winnipeg Cinematheque, Fall, 2011
  • Gimli Film Festival, Gimli, Manitoba, July 2012
  • CBC Short Shots Repeat Broadcast, Manitoba, August 2012
  • Winnipeg Nuit Blanche, Cinematheque, September, 2012
  • Jerome Indie and Music Festival, Jerome, Arizona, May 2013
  • University of Winnipeg, Gallery 1C03 – Moving Images Exhibition, February, 2017


  • WorldFest International Film Festival, Houston, USA. April 2011 – Grand Remi Award Best Experimental Film

directed by
Shelagh Carter

written by
Deborah Schnitzer

edited by
Chad Tremblay

  • The Darkling Plain

  • Is It My Turn

  • One Night