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The Time in Between



In search of love, absolution, or forgiveness, Charles Boatman leaves Canada and returns mysteriously to Vietnam, the country where he fought twenty-nine years earlier as a young, reluctant soldier. But his new encounters seem irreconcilable with his memories. When he disappears, his daughter Ada, and her brother, Jon, travel to Vietnam, to the streets of Danang and beyond, to search for him. Their quest takes them into the heart of a country that is at once incomprehensible, impassive, and beautiful. Chasing her father’s shadow for weeks, following slim leads, Ada feels increasingly hopeless. Yet while Jon slips into the urban nightlife to avoid what he most fears, Ada finds herself growing closer to her missing father — and strong enough to forgive him and bear the heartbreaking truth of his long-kept secret.

Writer Statement:

“The Time in Between screenplay is a labour of love. Adapted from Canadian Author David Bergen’s award winning novel of the same name, it spoke to me as a ‘deeply moving meditation on love and loss’ and the sorrow of war.”


The screenplay for The Time in Between has already been garnering attention! A finalist in the “Best Feature Script or Screenplay” category at the 2020 Beyond The Curve International Film Festival in Paris, and an Official Selection at the Nostos Screenwriting Retreat 2021. The screenplay won Best Unproduced Script at the North Europe International Film Festival – London Edition 2021, and again won the award for Best Unproduced Script at the East South Europe International Film Festival – December 2021.




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