Into Invisible Light

Director/Writer 2018
Invisible Light Productions
Distributor A71
Feature Film/ Drama / Colour/ B&W

Confronted by odd directives from her late husband’s estate, Helena Grayson, a recent widow, is inspired to reawaken a long-buried desire to write. When she’s unexpectedly drawn into an encounter with a past lover she is further challenged to explore her creative voice. Conceived under the sway of both love and art, this is a story of forgiveness, second chances, and the revitalizing power of art.

“Carter’s third feature, the melancholic Into Invisible Light […] is a puzzle-piece film about the dreams and desires, hopes and disappointments of a group of characters with intersecting relationships and fraught past involvements. […] 

Accompanied by Shawn Pierce’s beautiful original score, a haunting piano which infuses the film with an elegiac yearning, Carter explores the past and present of these intense characters, using a variety of arresting stylistic choices.”

–Excerpt from review by Sheila O’Malley at The Sheila Variations
Read full review here.

“Wonderful performances and a thought provoking story.”


“A beautiful and insightful film about grief and choice – in love, and in life.”


“An adult, smart, female centric film. Rare and good!”


“Great film! Very timely, a well-written, intelligent story that inspires women to follow their dreams, remove their blocks and revitalize oneself as they take chances and move on. Jennifer Dale is excellent, as she encaptures you in her portrayal that draws you into the invisible light so beautifully filmed. A strong film, thank goodness it is from a women’s perspective that will resonate well with both sexes. Truly a wonderful film, so glad it was made. Bravo!”

–Audience reactions from

World Premiere / Special Presentation at Whistler Film Festival
Whistler, BC, Canada, November/December 2018

Official Selection / In Competition at Worldfest Houston
Houston, TX, April 2019

Best Actress in a Feature Film
Jennifer Dale

Best Feature Film, Theatrical (Mature Themes)
Shelagh Carter

Official Selection at Italian Contemporary Film Festival
Toronto, ON, Canada, June 13 to 21, 2019

Special Achievement Award – Best Actress
Jennifer Dale

Official Selection at Gimli Film Festival
Gimli, MB, Canada, July 24 to 28, 2019

Top 10 Audience Choice Films

Official Selection at Madrid International Film Festival
Madrid, Spain, August 9 to 17, 2019

Best Film
Best Director: Shelagh Carter
Best Leading Actress: Jennifer Dale
Best Supporting Actress: Kari Matchett

Official Selection at West Europe International Film Festival
Brussels, Belgium, August 17 to 24, 2019

Best Film: Jeff Peeler & Pete Soltesz & Shelagh Carter
Best Lead Actor: Peter Keleghan
Best Supporting Actress: Kari Matchett

Best Director: Shelagh Carter
Best Lead Actress: Jennifer Dale
Best Supporting Actor: Stuart Hughes
Best Cinematography in a Feature Film: Ousama Rawi
Best Original Screenplay of a Feature Film: Shelagh Carter & Jennifer Dale

Official Selection at East Europe International Film Festival
Warsaw, Poland, November 23 to 30, 2019

Best Film: Jeff Peeler & Pete Soltesz & Shelagh Carter
Best Director: Shelagh Carter
Best Lead Actor: Peter Keleghan
Best Lead Actress: Jennifer Dale
Best Supporting Actress: Kari Matchett
Best Cinematography in a Feature Film: Ousama Rawi
Best Editing of a Feature Film: Chad Tremblay
Best Original Screenplay of a Feature Film: Shelagh Carter & Jennifer Dale

Official Selection at Milan International Filmmaker Festival
Milan, Italy, November 30 to December 7, 2019

Best Film: Jeff Peeler & Pete Soltesz & Shelagh Carter
Best Director: Shelagh Carter
Best Lead Actress: Jennifer Dale
Best Supporting Actress: Kari Matchett

Directed by
Shelagh Carter

Written by
Shelagh Carter & Jennifer Dale

Executive Producers
Jamie Brown & Julian van Mil
Shelagh Carter & Jennifer Dale

Jeff Peeler & Pete Soltesz

Ousama Rawi, c.s.c., b.s.c.

Chad Tremblay

Casting by
Jenny Lewis, c.d.c., c.s.a.
Sara Kay, c.d.c., c.s.a.

Costume Designer
Maureen Petkau

Production Designer
Taavo Soodor

Original Music by
Shawn Pierce

First Assistant Director
Daniel Lavoie

Second Assistant Director
Reed Mayakev
Cody McCullough

Third Assistant Director
Cara Denyer

Jennifer Dale

Peter Keleghan

Stuart Hughes

Kari Matchett

Kristen Harris

Jaydee-Lynn McDougall

Martha Henry

Abbey Thickson

Young Woman
Jacqueline Guertin

Adriana O'Neil

Lorraine James

Male Assistant
Jonathan Lawrence

Jonathan Alexiuk

Nazariy Demkowicz

Ernie Pitts

Competitor #1
Jeff Reyes

Competitor #2
Jerni Stewart

Judy Arnason

Man at Dominatrix
Karl Thordarson

Steven Ratzlaff

Lindsay Nelko

Female Utility
Pam Iveta

Male Utility
Chris Thompson

Line Producer / Production Manager
Kathryn Martin

Line Producer / Production Manager Mentor
Wanda Bretecher

Camera Operator
Ousama Rawi

First Assistant Camera
Caley 'Eagle' Gibson

Second Assistant Camera
Perry 'Falcon' Thompson

Terrance 'Raptor' Silva

Still Photographer
Allen Fraser

Camera Trainee
Nicola 'Egret' Baldwin

Sound Mixer
Manfred Gay

Boom Operator
Kris Pritchard

Script Supervisor
Shira Newman

Nicolas Phillips

Best Boy Electric
Mark Couke

Lead Lamp Operator
Tee-Jay Furgala

Lamp Operator
T'ai Pu
Jeremiah Milmine
Greg Wood
Amy Buhler

Genny Operator
Thayer MacInnis
Greg Wood
Amy Buhler

Key Grip
Conroy Finnigan

Dolly Grip
Reil Munroe

Best Boy Grip
Paul Skirzyk

Christophe Nachtigall
Craig Leatherdale
Mackenzie Johnson
Chris Roy

FTM Grip Trainee
Pedro Balseiro

Key Makeup Artist
Janique Lavoie

Assistant Makeup Artist
Shelly Isfled

Key Hair
Jasmine Kroeker

Hair Assistant
Ryse Masse

Set Supervisor
Amanda Isaak

Truck Costumer
Carolyn Bradshaw

Costume Asst.
Pieter Jongbloed

Costume Asst. Trainee
Kelly Barnsley

Art Director
Michael Mulhall

On-set Dresser
Ian Johnson
Robert K. Laurie

Property Master
Alexis Labra

Asst. Props Master
Tadeo Labra
Sandra Lee

Location Manager
Raquel Hackman

Location Manager Mentor
Bill Sorochan

Assistant Location Manager
Andrew Schulz

Location PA
Ray Levesque
Robbie Rouseau
Delf Gravert
Shelly Coulibaly
Kevin Pownall
Carrie Wilkins

Production Coordinator
Karyn Kumhyr

Third Assistant Director
Diana Kim

Winnipeg Casting
Jim Heber

Extras Casting
Heather Madill

Extras Casting Mentor
Shelly Anthis

Tango Instructor
Linda Walsh

Production Accountant
Kelly De Groot

Post Production Accountant
Crystal Mikoluff

Gerry Desjardins

Security Coordinator
Wayne Glesby

Meals Catered By
Les Filles Cuisine

Denys Curle

Sous Chef
Michelle Walker

Key Craft Service
Roseanne Hempel

Craft Service
Angele Boisvert
MJ Bhatti

Transport Coordinator
Pat Martin

Transport Captain
Lisa Szyjan

Crew Driver
Donny Haldane

Honeywagon Driver
Glen Kerr

SPFX Coordinator
Jason Wilkins

Picture Vehicles Provided by
M.K. Picture Cars

Post Production Studio
Studio Feather

Post Producer
Jeff Bessner

Supervising Sound Editor
Eric van Mil

Sound Editor
Matt Papadopoulos

Dialogue Editor
Chris Godfrey

Sound F/X Editor
Eric van Mil

Re-recording Mixer
Eric van Mil

Julian van Mil

Colour Assistant
Meeka McLean

Particle Simulations
Justin Wotherspoon

Credit Scroll Design
Studio Feather

Locations Package Courtesy of
Flatland Production Services Inc.

Art Gallery Sculptures Provided by
Tibor Bodi

Artwork Provided by
Hannah Claus, 'Cloudscape', 2012
Kent Monkman, 'Death of the Female', 2014

Poetry by
Deborah Schnitzer

Score Produced and Mixed by
Shawn Pierce at MLM Los Angeles

Produced with the Participation of
Telefilm Canada

Produced with the Participation of
CBC Breaking Barriers Film Fund

Produced with Financial Investment from
Manitoba Film & Music

Developed with the Assistance of
The Harold Greenberg Fund

Shot on location in the City of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

© 2017
Invisible Light Productions Manitoba & Invisible Feather Productions Inc.

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